Develop a strong beekeeping sector producing disease and mite resistant queens and bees adapted to Illinois conditions

By 2020:

  • Exceed 50% of the demand for queens in Illinois.
  • Exceed 20% of the demand for nucs or packages.

The IQI will pursue these goals through the following activities:

  • Continue queen rearing trainings in the various methods¬†throughout Illinois for all interested beekeepers.
  • Continue to bring in new genetics and stock as needed in order to enhance current stocks with beneficial traits and avoid the problem of inbreeding.
  • Continue to test for hygienic behavior and varroa resistance.
  • Develop and strengthen regional groups where queen and nuc producers can assist each other through periodic meetings to exchange ideas, cooperative purchases of supplies and breeder queens (begun in 2011), and the exchange of breeder stock (begun in 2012).
  • Formalize the IQI into a nonprofit organization.
  • Recruit members to contribute ideas, enthusiasm, and resources to ensure growth of this important grass roots movement (ongoing).