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The Illinois Queen Initiative Producer Members listed below are offering locally raised queens for sale. PLEASE contact the individual producer of your choice DIRECTLY. The IQI is a cooperative venture supporting the production of locally raised Illinois queens; however the queens produced and sold are the sole responsibility of the Producer Members selling the queens. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE ILLINOIS QUEEN INITIATIVE AND THE PRODUCER MEMBERS.



Marlin Herschberger: Arthur, IL:  Carniolan/Italian cross survivor stock. No chemical treatments since startup in 2001.    Mated Queens: $35.00    Virgin Queens: $10.00
Phone: 217-259-4463
Address: 1465 CR 1675 East, Arthur, IL 61911

Stu Jacobson – Prairie Grove Queens:  Stu Jacobson – Prairie Grove Queens:  Northern adapted, varroa survivor stock — VSH and New World Carniolan genetics. We also have a limited number of Purdue Mite Biter queens for sale. No treatments for mites since 2010 and mite counts at or below 2 mites/100 bees (except for one colony last year). Mated queens are $35 each plus shipping. They are marked and are laying for at least two weeks prior to being sold. Excellent results shipping queens from Springfield, IL to other Midwestern states since 2013. Virgin queens and nucs — including medium frame nucs — occasionally available. Contact us at  (217) 498-7223 or (217) 494-5410 (cell). Texting gives best results.

Lonnie Langley, Overcup Honey, Vandalia, IL   Pol-line VSH queens produced from instrumentally inseminated breeder queens from V.P. Queens. Our breeder queen is replaced yearly to prevent inbreeding. All queens sold are open mated with Illinois drone stock. $25.00 ea. We do not ship. All nucs are sold out for 2017.  Ph.: (618) 292-1725

Phillip Raines, Raines Honey Farms: Phillip is located in northern Illinois and produces several hundred queens yearly. He works mainly with Carniolan bees that are adapted to the long, cold northern Illinois winters. He also works with VSH Italians. Phillip strives to keep his bees away from areas of agricultural chemical use. To contact Phil send an email to: or call: (815) 248-3321

Craig Schultz, CNS Bees: Apiary has not been treated since 2008 . Queens are raised from VSH breeder stock as well as survivor stock from the central Illinois area. Routinely test for mite loads. All queens have a good brood pattern or are not sold.  Queens are $35 each, shipping extra.  CNS Bees/Humphrey Apiaries.  Also taking orders for nucs cost at $150.00 each. We are  booked until mid June 2015. Half due down when the order is placed.
Email: 8016 Village Center Road, Sherman, IL 62684  cell: (217) 652-3594

Larry Studer, Gurnee, IL: Northeastern Illinois; open mated queens, produced from selected locally overwintered hardy stock with heritage from New World Carniolan, Italian, and hygienic traits. We produce “Summer Queens” from late June – September as conditions allow. These are ideal for summer requeening and/or new colony production. “A fresh young queen from winter hardy stock can be very beneficial to a colony’s overwintering success!” Mated and marked Queens are $42.00 if picked up by appointment.  Shipping additional.  Our 2017 Spring nucs are “sold out”. A limited number of Summer Solstice Nucs available. Advance purchased nucs are available for July pickup by appointment only -$200.00 ea. To place an order, please email Larry at

Tom Pankonen, Honey Pimp Apiaries, Bloomington, IL: Central Illinois; Limited number of queens produced June-September filled first come first served. Queens are from over wintered colonies of various genetics which includes crosses with local stock, two different VSH lines, Purdue leg biter stock, and Heartland Honey Bee Breeders hybrid stock. Stock is the best of our colonies based on stringent culling criteria. We select for temperament, disease resistance, mite tolerance, and honey production. We let the queens lay for a minimum of one week to ensure they meet our own standards before we sell them. We have never used any chemicals in any hives since we started in 2000. Mated queens are $35 picked up or shipping can be arranged. Virgin queens are available for $10 and 48 hour cells for $5. Five frame deep NUCS available until sold out. Please call (630) 728-1400 or reach us at

William Pilipauskas,  Willie’s Honey Company, Mchenry County, IL: High quality queens from stock that is non-migratory and that have overwintered well in Northern Illinois. My stock is selected for mite tolerance and length of time between treatments. I also look for disease resistance across the board.  Very often we add feral stock and my queens are mated in yards that run VSH,Russian and Saskatraz stock .  To check if I have queens please email me at or call or text me at 1-847-373-9148. Mated queens are $35, Virgin queens are $20 ALL QUEENS ARE PICKUP ONLY.  Many times we have feral queens available as well.

Added 2016
Bill Whitney, Wheaton, DuPage County, IL:
We only use integrated pest management solutions; no chemicals. Mated queens $35 (sold only if laying 2 weeks with a good pattern) Un-mated $18. We spend the previous summer collecting swarms from homes, buildings, & trees. These colonies are then located on the perimeter of our mating yard to use as local drone stock. We also use queen genetics from these locally produced hives as well as from VSH hives.  It is our primary goal to have a hearty stock of bees for our own bee yards so choosing the best traits is important for us. We look for these traits in this order; mite resistant, gentle, pollen collectors, lots of brood, and honey producers. You can find us at  or  or  (630)-660-9846  Call to see when queens are available. Taking orders for pick-up only.

Added 2017
Joann & Pamela Rizkallah Carbondale, IL : Egyptian Queen Breeders
Offering virgin and mated queens from mite resistant stock including Ankle Biter Purdue Stock, Palmer Stock, Redline Stock and VP VSH Stock.
Nucs available from mite resistant stock. Custom Insemination services available.
Call for details (618) 967-1069; (618) 967-3634

To become an IQI Producer you must be a current IQI member, have taken an IQI approved queen rearing course, embrace and promote the IQI philosophy, produce your queens in Illinois, and have current proof of state bee inspection of the mating yard(s) from which you are producing queens/bees.

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